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Power Theory (6-pack Cable Clips Managment Holder and Cord Organiser (Multi-Color)

  • CLEAN AND ORGANISED DESK - Thanks to the new Power Theory Cable Clips you can organize all your cables.
  • SUPER FAST PEEL AND STICK - Just remove the protection film and stick the Cable Clip wherever you want.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SURFACES - Whether you have a wall, wood, glass, plastic, metal, rubber or others, the cable clips adhere to every surface. No tools needed!
  • NEW DESIGN - 6 modern Cabel Organiser in every set. (Black)
  • POWER THEORY IRONCLAD GUARANTEE - It is simple. You have an issue with one of our products and we will fix it or 100% money back! We are proud to be UK based small business and will do anything for our customers!